Buying and selling through social distancing

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Real Estate

2020 has been interesting for sure! So has the housing market. Home sales have climbed 11% in the last 30 days and there are 32% more pending listings today than a month ago. This seems to be attributed to low mortgage rates (sub 3% in some cases) and consumer optimism about the market despite the concerns of COVID-19. If you are going to spend a lot of time at home, I feel that people want to be in the right home for their needs. In some cases it is finding a larger home, building your dream home, or downsizing. Maybe you found out that you need more garage space with everyone at home? Whatever your reason may be do not let low inventory scare you if you are buying or selling. As a seller, you can benefit from this and sell quickly at a great price! As a buyer, you can take advantage of great rates to maximize your buying power. In either case, the right Realtor can help you make it a stress free and fun adventure!

How to social distance as a seller:

1. A good Realtor will schedule a virtual listing presentation so that you can show your home in a contactless environment

2. A good Realtor will help establish sanitizing protocols to keep your home clean

3. A good Realtor will establish a comprehensive marketing plan and offer virtual tours for potential buyers

4. A good Realtor will assist you in establishing the right price in a sellers market and find qualified buyers

5. A good Realtor will keep in touch with you along the way with your preferred communication method for updates and will make changes as needed


How to social distance as a buyer:

1. Set a virtual meeting with your agent so that they can discuss your criteria and narrow your search of homes

2. Prequalify prior to viewing homes in order to view the right homes, limit contact in the wrong homes, and have the ability to make an offer before someone else does (many sellers want to limit contact and want to ensure buyers have the qualifications to buy before opening their doors)

3. Follow sanitizing protocols set by the seller (your agent will inform you of these)

4. View homes from your agent and discuss each home prior to scheduling the showing to ensure that homes meet your criteria (you don't have to settle, the right one is there!)

5. Set virtual home tours with your agent - this is great for limited exposure, busy individuals, and out of state buyers

6. Consider buying land and building a custom home (it may be less than you think) or ask your agent about new build homes (there are many great builders and your agent can narrow them down for you)

7. If you are buying new, ensure you bring your agent on the first visit

These are just a few ways that you can social distance as a buyer or seller. The AZ Real Experts are able to walk you through any of these steps and are always available for questions. Stay safe in 2020!