Does a pool add value to your Queen Creek home?

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Arizona and Queen Creek are known for its warm climate with an average annual temperature of 85 degrees. This can exceed 104 degrees during the summer making a pool a very desirable place to be. However, the average pool cost has increased and many wonder if adding a pool to their home will add value and a return on investment. There are many factors that go into building a pool that include material, accessibility, size, decking, landscaping, pool equipment, etc. According to, the average concrete pool cost is between $50,000 and $100,000. Custom homes may have a more elaborate pool that can exceed $100,000.

When researching homes sales between April 2023 and October 2023 in Queen Creek - Maricopa County the average sale price of a home with a pool was 12% more than a home that did not include a pool. The current active listings in Queen Creek - Maricopa County show that the average list price is currently 24% more for a home that has a pool. Using an average home price of $500,000, that would make the 6-month average at 12% come to around $60,000. Current list price with a 24% add would make this figure closer to $120,000. The list price does not say if these homes will close at that larger margin, but it does put us in the average build price range. 

Building a pool is not maintenance free and is not for everyone. According to, the average pool maintenance cost is between $80-$150 per month with a yearly cost of $3,000 - $6,000 for maintenance, repairs, electricity, and water. There are also safety guidelines and insurance costs to consider. However, it can a great summer or winter (with a heater) oasis that can be enjoyed by family and friends. It is recommended that when you plan to build a pool you make it conform with landscape and fit properly in the backyard. Most buyers that are looking for a pool generally want additional backyard space for other activities or pets. 

We have worked with many buyers and sellers on pool homes and are happy to share additional knowledge and resources in this area. We are happy to answer questions about the market prior to your pool build, send you a home valuation with your current pool, or help you find a great pool home!