Is working from home a trend that will go away?

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Market Trends

Today, the housing market has shifted with more and more people working from home. This has caused a demand in larger homes with office space for not only 1 family member, but possibly both! Also, with families spending more time at home there is also a demand for separated space and large yards. This is especially true with the pleasant weather that Arizona experiences in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Here are some things to consider when looking for your next home.

Work Space

It is just as important to have a dedicated work space when working at home. What is your schedule like? Does your significant other also work from home? Is it feasible to share office space based on schedule or does each person need their own? states that having a dedicated work space is extremely important for productivity. They state that having your office organized is key to staying on task and not wasting valuable time looking for reports, office supplies, or setting up for a conference call or video meeting. 

Setting Boundaries

It can be easy to get distracted when kids or others are asking for things while you are working from home. Set parameters and make it known to others that these are your work hours and set breaks for yourself to be available throughout the day if needed. 

Personal Goals

Ensure that you review and be honest with yourself what kind of worker you are. If you are easily distracted then having the right work environment away from external factors is crucial. Are you a workhorse that never takes a break? This can be just as detrimental and lead to burn out. Set your office up so that you can take breaks and relax for a few moments. Maybe a couch or relaxing chair in your office is just what you need to take a 15 minute break.

Working from home does not appear to be a trend that will just go away. Companies have realized that they can cut expenditures on expensive buildings and supplies if they allow their employees to work remote. This also cuts down on cummute time for employees, potential accidents on the way to work, tardiness, and overall job burn out. If you are looking to upgrade your office space reach out to me for a discussion. We can discuss goals and the right floor plan for you and your family.