Prepare for the Queen Creek Monsoon Season

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Queen Creek Monsoon Prep

Queen Creek monsoon season is approximately from June 15 - September 30. During this time the area can experience flash flooding, high winds, and dust storms reaching up to 3000 feet high! Being properly prepared and aware is essential to staying safe and protecting your property. It is important to have your roof inspected annually to check for loose tiles, missing shingles, or failing coating on flat roofs. Some roofing companies will do this at no charge. You also want to ensure that your landscaping has proper drainage and water moves away from your home. When you get an alert or it appears that weather conditions are changing, check your yard for open umbrellas and other items that can potentially fly away. These items will not only get lost, but can turn into a missle that can cause damage to persons or property. Once the storm is over check out any potential damage and report it to the proper parties. If clean up is needed, the town of Queen Creek contracts with the landfill in Apache Junction at a reduced rate for trash customers. Stay safe during the storms and remember that we average 301 sunny days a year!